Coral Tree Nursery® 

Innovative Growth and Outplanting

Staghorn and elkhorn coral can grow and reproduce through fragmentation: if a branch falls off on the reef and conditions are favorable, it can reattach to the rock and begin to grow a new colony.

We take advantage of this naturally occurring process by growing corals in our offshore underwater nurseries until they are large enough to be outplanted on the reef.

Coral Tree Nursery®

In 2010, we developed the Coral Tree Nursery®: a simple framework of PVC pipe that resembles the shape of a tree. The nursery tree is tethered to the ocean floor and buoyed with a subsurface float. Coral fragments are hung from the branches of the tree using monofilament line.

The tree floats in the water column and is able to move with storm-generated wave surges. This dissipates wave energy preventing damage to the tree structure or the corals themselves.


Corals are grown in the nursery for approximately six to nine months. After they have reached a substantial size, they are removed from the nursery, tagged, and taken to a carefully selected reef restoration site where they are attached directly to the reef using a all-natural, non-toxic epoxy.

Tens of thousands of corals are produced through our pioneering propagation techniques and housed in multiple offshore coral tree nurseries. We currently have 6 offshore coral nurseries South Florida from Carysfort Reef to Key West.