Science Advisory Committee 

Science Advisory Committee

Our Science Advisory Committee ensures that the best available science is applied to our programs. Their primary tasks include responding to information requests from us, and evaluating the scientific merit of restoration projects and proposals.

They also advise us on our restoration, research and education strategies—and play a key role in identifying critical emerging science issues of concern to us.

Dr. Richard Dodge

Executive Director National Coral Reef Institute, NOVA University

Dr. Dodge has conducted coral reef research world-wide, and is an expert on the effects of natural and human-caused impacts to coral reefs.

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Dr. Les Kaufman

Professor of Biology, Boston University

Dr. Kaufman is an expert in coral reef ecology, with a focus on community ecology and the degradation and regenerative processes that describe coral reef function.

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Dr. Steven Miller

Chair of the CRF Science Committee

Dr. Miller maintains a long-term coral reef monitoring program in the Florida Keys, focusing on staghorn and elkhorn corals, benthic communities in general, and no-take management zones.

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Dr. John Ogden

Emeritus Professor, University of South Florida

Dr. Ogden has studied coral reefs in Florida and throughout the Caribbean, with a commitment to translate scientific information into policy.

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Dr. Ellen Prager

President – Earth2Ocean, Inc.

Dr. Prager is widely recognized and respected for her ability to bring science to the layperson, through public writing, working with the media, and for several books that have popularized marine science.

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Dr. Esther Peters

Assistant Professor, George Mason University

Dr. Peters’ expertise includes comparative histopathology, marine biology, and marine ecology.

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Bill Precht

Marine & Coastal Programs, Dial Cordy & Associates

Bill has over 25-years of experience in the Keys and previously worked as Program Manager of the Damage Assessment, Restoration, and Resource Protection Program for NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. He was also the editor of the first-ever book dedicated to coral reef restoration.

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Dr. Steve Vollmer

Assistant Scientist, Northeastern University

Dr. Vollmer is a coral reef expert who studies population genetics and disease resistance, with a research focus on staghorn and elkhorn corals.

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