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Edutainment in action!

Our very own swashbuckling pirate, Captain Coral, electrifies audiences with shows that blend theatre with science and conservation!

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Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to welcome your students back to school?

Take an interactive voyage with Captain Coral, a buccaneer who is dedicated to restoring coral reefs! 


This is the most high-octane, buccaneering, reef-saving educational activity around!


Through the age-adapted presentation, students will be introduced to the concepts of coral physiology, reef ecology, and oceanic stewardship through spectacular demonstrations, including dramatic chemical reactions, freezing dry ice, and explosive indoor cannons!


Captain Coral is also available for community events, such as library programs, scouting events, summer camp and daycare entertainment, festivals, and science fairs, as well as corporate events, such as company picnics and holiday parties.

The best part is that Captain Coral comes to you! It’s all the excitement of a field trip without the renting of buses, getting waivers signed, or recruiting parent volunteers.


We can accommodate 20 to 400 students, depending on the space, and outside performances can be accommodated if shelter from weather and wind is provided.

All we need is a six-to-eight-foot table to put our equipment on, access to water and an electrical outlet, 30 minutes before and after the show to set up and clean up, and an open space for students to sit on the floor. We will provide the rest!