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CRF™ has developed, and will soon be officially launching, an all-in-one pipeline to democratize access to photomosaic monitoring for coral reef restoration efforts, CeruleanAI.

Currently, photomosaic generation requires significant computing power to a) stitch the mosaics and then b) analyze a single image file that may be gigapixels in resolution and gigabytes in file size.


It also takes significant amounts of time to stitch and then analyze these mosaics, and the analysis still relies on a human expert; that is, someone who can sit in front of a computer screen and correctly identify and mark corals.


CeruleanAI has been designed to make the creation, storage, and analysis of coral photomosaics nearly 100% hands-off, with little to no expertise necessary...


When the user first signs in to Cerulean and opts to create a new photomosaic “job”, they are prompted to fill out some metadata information about their mosaic- where and when it was taken or any funding or timing information that might eventually be used to generate reports for all mosaics within a specific project or time period.

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