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We are coordinating Coralpalooza™ activities with reef-saving communities around the world, demonstrating what's possible when we work together!

Introducing the 28 incredible organizations making up the 2023 Coralplaooza™ Community. These groups will be undertaking reef-saving work alongside CRF™ for World Oceans Day, bringing Coralplaooza™ 2023 to the USA, Jamaica, Hawaii, Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, CNMI, St. Croix, USVI, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Honduras, and Maldives!

This year's Coralpalooza is shaping up to be an extraordinary global event thanks to the invaluable contribution of numerous organizations dedicated to coral restoration and marine conservation:


Planhotel Marine Labs & MaRHE Center, based in the Maldives, will engage in a week of activities focused on coral restoration, public outreach, and reef clean-ups. They will conduct hands-on workshops, documentary nights, coral adoption programs, and more.


From the United Kingdom, Sheba is launching the 'Hopeverse,' a virtual event dedicated to ocean storytelling. The event includes talks from experts like Professor. David Smith, Chief Marine Scientist of the Mars Coral Reef Restoration Program, and other notable personalities.


Nature Seychelles will focus on stocking up to 5000 corals in their mid-water floating rope nurseries as part of their Reef Rescuers project during the World Ocean Week.


The Rescue a Reef program from Florida USA plans to engage divers and snorkelers in public coral restoration citizen science expeditions, educating them about coral reefs and restoration activities.


The Oceancy, in collaboration with local Maldivian community members through the NGO Baokalo, aims to restore the coral reef surrounding N.Velidhoo Island in the Republic of Maldives. Their Coralpalooza™ activities include building and placing coral frames while engaging the local community.


Misool Foundation in Indonesia will focus on building, installing, and populating spider web reef structures with coral fragments. introduction of artificial reefs in the form of spider webs and planting coral fragments on these spider webs.


Reef Renewal USA will run work boats from Marathon to plant on Sombrero Reef and from Big Pine Key to plant on Looe Key Reef. They will also have a team planting in Mustique.


Roatan Marine Park in Honduras plans to clean their nursery, outplant 150 fragments of staghorn coral onto the reef, and educate young participants on coral identification, preparing them for future coral spawning and nursery monitoring.


The Coral Nurture Program in Australia will coordinate a flotilla of tourism operators, volunteers, and program staff in Port Douglas, Cairns and Whitsundays in Queensland to outplant a significant quantity of propagated coral fragments using Coralclip technology.



These organizations exemplify dedication, collaboration, and tireless efforts to restore our invaluable marine ecosystems. Their contribution to Coralpalooza™ 2023 is just a small fraction of the incredible work they do every day of the year. And these are just a small set of the total number of groups around the world dedicated to restoring our planet’s life support systems. Thanks to people and organizations like these, there is HOPE for the future of our world’s coral reefs.

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