Joining Coral Restoration Foundation™ out on the water during a hands-on, tailored, SCUBA diving or snorkeling program is an experience you will never forget. 


Our programs are designed to suit all levels, letting all ocean lovers have a positive impact.


We even offer PADI Coral Restoration Certifications!


Check out our upcoming dive programs below. Scroll a little further and you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions. 

To sign up for a Dive & Snorkel Program please contact and register with the listed collaborating dive operator through the calendar link for the date that best suits your schedule! 


If you'd like to set up a private program with us, or if you have any other questions, email our Dive Training Administrator at info@coralrestoration.org or call us on (305) 453-7030.





We are following CDC guidelines at all CRF™ facilities, and following county guidance for boat charters, as well as any additional constraints the dive operators wish to add. 
Our Exploration Center is open.

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners has now rescinded the local facial covering ordinance.

Face coverings are no longer mandatory on CRF™ premises but may be worn at the individuals' discretion. 

The Exploration Center is now open to the general public.

If you have any questions about safety procedures at the CRF™ Exploration Center please contact us by writing to info@coralrestoration.org or calling (305) 453-7030.

If you have any questions about safety procedures on the boat, please contact the dive operator directly. 
We are taking bookings for the Dive Programs as listed here. We reserve the right to cancel any and all programs should the situation develop. We will provide as much notice as possible of any changes. 

Can I join a dive program as a snorkeler?

  • Yes, absolutely! As a snorkeler, you can visit our nurseries, and help with monitoring corals on our outplanting sites. 

Do I need my own dive equipment to join a Recreational Dive Program?

  • You don't need your own dive gear to join a dive program, you can rent equipment from the dive operator that is running the program. The dive operators include tanks and weights in the cost. You are always welcome to bring your own equipment, though!

Do I need to have a minimum number of dives to join a Recreational Dive Program?

  • You can join a dive program with any number of dives, but the tasks that you will be able to participate in will depend on your level of experience. We will tailor the program to suit your level to make sure that you have a fun, comfortable, and rewarding experience with us. 

How much does the Dive Program cost?

  • The cost of the dive program is broken down into two separate changes - one fee is payable to the dive operator running the program, and there is an added donation to Coral Restoration Foundation™ to cover our costs. The base fee depends on the type of program and the operator and that is running it. 


Through CRF’s volunteer and education sign-up portal CRF™ will collect specific information that you enter in order to acknowledge your interest in our programs, and periodically reach out to you with news and opportunities at CRF™.


This information will be used exclusively by CRF™ to communicate with you regarding your interest in the programs you signed up for; CRF™ will not sell or disseminate your information to any third party.


For participants under 13 years of age, all entered information will be viewable by the parent and require the parent’s review and consent before any information is collected.


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