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Caitlin Woodman: CRF™ Volunteer Feature June 2019

At Coral Restoration Foundation™ we LOVE our volunteers! Their work spans every aspect of our organization, from helping to build Coral Trees™ to outplanting with the team. Each month we feature volunteers as a way to highlight their dedication to ocean conservation and commitment to CRF™. This month say hello to Caitlin Woodman, a volunteer who has helped jumpstart our Key West coral loving community!

"I feel so grateful that my family took me to be certified as a diver at 12 years old. Diving at such a young age, and continuing to dive as an adult, lead me to a passion in marine biology and to help protect corals through restoration. I am a fish lover, and to protect them, I realize that I must help protect corals first."

- Caitlin Woodman

Q: How long have you been volunteering with CRF?

A year and a half!

Q: What is/was your profession?

I'm a current Divemaster at Looe Key Reef Resort, and am looking for a new position in St. Petersburg. I hope to find something in Fish Biology!

Q: Why do you volunteer with CRF?

I find it so rewarding to go diving and get to help the environment at the same time. They say you create your life by how you give back, and I truly believe that.

Q: If you could be a sea creature, which would you be?

I would be a dolphin. They really capture the magic of the ocean, and I love how they show off in the wake of boats!

Thank you for being part of the mission, Caitlin!

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