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Christoph Anderegg: CRF™ Volunteer Feature in November 2019

At Coral Restoration Foundation™, we LOVE our volunteers! Their work spans every facet of our organization, from helping to build Coral Trees™ to outplanting with the team. Each month we feature volunteers as a way to highlight their dedication to ocean conservation and commitment to CRF™. This month we would like to introduce you to Christoph Anderegg! Christoph travelled all the way from Horgen, Switzerland to join the CRF™ team for 8 weeks. Throughout his time with us, Christop played a valuable role contributing both his time and uplifting spirits to our restoration efforts on a daily basis. Let’s hear more about this Swiss coral lover!

“Nature conservation in any way is close to my heart since I was a child. Even though we don’t have any reefs in Switzerland, I am deeply concerned to see what is going on in the oceans worldwide. It’s for sure a very long way to save the reefs and the precious ecosystem they host. It seems to be five to twelve, and there is no guarantee for success. Every journey begins with a single step, let’s say with a single coral. What looks like a drop in the ocean is still a glimpse of hope. But hey - an ocean consists of drops, and one for sure was the first!
Let’s add some more! Go on, CRF™! I wish you all the best for the future, and I am proud to havebeen part of the team!”

- Christoph Anderegg

Q: How long have you been volunteering with CRF?

8 weeks (in a row)

Q: What is/was your profession?

I am a special needs teacher in Switzerland. I work with kids that have autism, ADHD or different forms of learning or behavioral problems.

Q: Why do you volunteer with CRF?

After more than twenty years of teaching, I got a kind of sabbatical from school.

A teacher colleague (Rolf von Riedmatten) in Switzerland told me about CRF™.

(He has been volunteering with CRF several times.) I got very curious, and tried to find out more about the organization. It matched perfectly, and I decided to join CRF™ for two months.I took the chance to invest my time into this very promising project. I met a bunch of dedicated people that I was very lucky to work along with, and I made some new friends!

Q: If you could be a sea creature, which would you be?

Hmm… probably an octopus. Octopus are very unique creatures in the ocean. They seem to be very smart. I also admire their ability to change and adapt color, and they can move impressively smooth.

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