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In the run up to World Oceans Day, Zoo Miami is bracing for impact. On May 28th Captain Coral and his Coral Restoration Foundation™ crew will be descending on Miami’s most beloved animal park for a day of reef-saving fun and games. “Captain Coral's Scavenger Extravaganza” will bring the wonders of the underwater world to the wild world of the Zoo, engaging visitors in a treasure hunt for knowledge and prizes.

Captain Coral's Scavenger Extravaganza is being held to kick off Coralpalooza™, the annual Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF™) World Oceans Day celebration. Traditionally for Coralpalooza™, the CRF™ team takes hundreds of divers out into the ocean to work towards restoring Florida’s Coral Reef. The event shines a light on the urgent need for intervention to save our coral reefs, and the potential that large scale collaborative action has to turn the tide. With Captain Coral's Scavenger Extravaganza, Zoo Miami is now joining the fight to save some of our most endangered local animals – our corals.

Julia Klumb, Graphics and Exhibits Manager at Zoo Miami explains, “Corals are such important animals, especially here in Florida. They are not only beautiful, but they also support our economy – our local fishery and the tourism industry – and they build our first line of defense against wave energy during storms, protecting our homes and businesses. Zoo Miami is proud to partner with Coral Restoration Foundation™ to educate guests about the importance of coral reefs not only to our oceans but also to our planet.” 

Joining the coral-saving fun could not be easier. Treasure hunters will download Eventzee, an interactive app through which they will register activities at CRF™ stations set up around the Zoo. Captain Coral will be waiting to welcome visitors, give them instructions on how to get involved, and bestow prizes on successful scavengers at the end of the adventure.

Coralpalooza™ then continues in the Keys on June 4th. Coralpalooza™ Dive Day is scheduled to take around 200 divers to undertake record-breaking reef restoration work in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Landlubbers can join the fun as well at Captain Coral’s Coralpalooza™ Science Spectacular in Key Largo which features a free Captain Coral Show and ocean-themed mini carnival. This year, boat places for Coralpalooza™ Dive Day sold out within a week of registration opening and keen divers are encouraged to sign up to the First Alert List for Coralpalooza™ 2023 if they want a good chance of joining the Dive Day next year.

Captain Coral's Scavenger Extravaganza is brought to you by Coral Restoration Foundation™, Coralpalooza™ 2022, and Zoo Miami. For more details, visit

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