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Coral Tree™ Nurseries are Diverse Habitats!

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Coral Restoration Foundation™ teamed up with REEF's volunteers, who are also experts in reef fish ID, to survey the Tavernier Coral Tree™ Nursery. The final count is in and 103 different species were identified amongst the Coral Trees™ of the Tavernier Nursery in just one single day of surveying! 

All photos taken by REEF Volunteers Carlos and Allison Estape:

Top left: Porcupine Fish                                               Top right: Rock Beauty Bottom left: Planehead Filefish                                    Bottom right: Sharpnose Puffer  

Ellie Place, the Conservation Coordinator of REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project stated:

"I am really surprised at the species assemblage at the Tavernier Coral Tree Nursery™, especially for being in the middle of a wide sand patch. It is interesting how you can frequently see some species at the nursery that we don't see very often at the reef or at patch reefs. It was really fun to survey there, and we likely only scratched the surface for what visits that site throughout the year."

We are so excited to have such a thriving and diverse community in our Tavernier Nursery™. Thank you, REEF, for your help and we look forward to future fish surveys! 


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Jun 13

It's great to hear about the collaboration between Coral Restoration Foundation™ and REEF's volunteers. The photos taken by Carlos and Allison Estape are stunning. By the way, have you heard about the time card calculator?


Unknown member
May 06

It is intriguing how certain phrazle species that are uncommon at patch reefs or reefs can be observed frequently at the nursery.

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