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"Diving In" to September 2019 with the Coral Chronicles


Photo taken from Captain's Corner

This fall, come dive with CRF™ and Captain’s Corner in Key West! The next Restoration Adventure in the Lower Keys is scheduled for Sunday September 29th. Joining CRF™ and Captain’s Corner for a morning discussion and then out on the water for a hands-on, tailored, SCUBA diving or snorkeling program is an experience you will never forget. Our programs are designed to suit all levels, letting all ocean lovers have a positive impact.

Key West Nursery and our Key West outplant site: Marker 32. Photo credit: Tiffany Duong and Sabine Bailey

For more information or to sign up contact our Recreational Dive Program Coordinator Roxane ( to book your underwater adventure!

Weather Dependent



You may be surprised to learn that not all members of the “Crazy Jersey Divers” group are from Jersey! The group name stems from the location it was formed, New Jersey. Its founders intended to use the group to connect divers who enjoy adventure. As some members of the group prefer warmer diving conditions, “Crazy Jersey Divers” plan group trips to dive locations like the Florida Keys. In good spirits, they embrace their reputation of being “crazy”about diving!

A variety of divers from differing perspectives, age, experiences, scientific background, and field of work all came together to obtain Coral Restoration’s PADI Coral Restoration Specialty Course. The divers completed an educational course and practical application of hands-on skills with us in the Tavernier Coral Nursery and Pickles Reef.

Photo credit: Kurt Williams

“Without hesitation I can say that this course was outstanding, interesting, informative and thought provoking. It exceeded my expectations both in the classroom and the hands-on at your nursery and the out plantings.”

- Kurt Williams

It was a pleasure to host the positive energy of the “Crazy Jersey Divers”! We hope to see them again soon!



At CRF™, coral restoration day is everyday! However, we want to welcome and encourage everyone to join us in our mission to restore the reefs. We’ve partnered with the amazing Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo to charter public dive programs every second Friday of the month!!!

Our dive programs are a full day activity, starting with an educational morning presentation. This is continued by two dives in the afternoon to apply what you’ve learned and get hands-on experience saving our reefs, if the weather complies!

The next of these programs is October 11th! Sign up through our website and let us know your interest by checking out our Facebook event!


"Diving In" Editorial Interns

Samantha graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Marine Science. She first began her coral reef adventures as a toddler peering through a tiny pink mask over the side of a boogie board. Her passion for reef conservation launched after a summer vacation in which she had intended to return to her favorite snorkeling site, only to find white corals remaining in the place of a once flourishing reef. As a student, Samantha became involved in the University of Florida Scientific Diver program where she gained fieldwork experience and went on to become an NAUI Instructor. Post-graduate, Samantha has worked as a Marine Science instructor for Seacamp Association Inc. Samantha is thrilled to learn from CRF™ team and to become a contributing member in the restoration efforts of coral populations.

Forrest received a B.S. in Geography from Samford University in May 2019 with a GIS certificate and a minor in Environmental Studies. Growing up in the heart of horse country in central Kentucky, life on the ocean was never a thought in his mind. In fact, until his late teen years, Forrest was scared of the ocean. It wasn’t until a study abroad trip his freshman year of college that Forrest began diving and instantly fell in love with the sport and specifically coral conservation. During college, Forrest was awarded a research grant from Samford to spend time on Saba, an island in the Dutch Caribbean, where Samford has a coral restoration effort of their own. Forrest was a summer intern with CRF™ in 2018 and is ecstatic to be back in the Florida Keys once again after finishing his undergraduate degree. Forrest will spend his time as the Key West Fellow working with our incredible volunteers in our Key West Nursery to educate and inspire others to take a stand for our oceans.

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