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Growing Environmental Heroes: The Evolution of the CRF™ & Girl Scout Journey

In the realm of marine conservation, partnerships are as vital as the ecosystems themselves. In November 2023, the collaboration between the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida and CRF™ took another significant step forward. 

It all began with a small yet impactful initiative in 2021 – the launch of the CRF™ patch program. The second CRF™ patch, the "Be a Reef Hero" program was then intorduced at the Reef Futures symposium in 2022. The vision of these programs is to create a pathway for Girl Scouts, from Daisy to Ambassador levels, fostering their knowledge and understanding of coral reefs throughout their journey. This program found its place within the broader, official Girl Scouts "Take Action" patch program, contributing to the council-wide service project. This represented a solid commitment by the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida not only to marine conservation but also to understanding the unique ecological challenges in the Florida Keys. As of now, 128 Girl Scouts have completed the patch program. Yet, this is only the beginning. 

In November, CRF™ and the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida announced that in 2024, the patch program is evolving and is set to become a fully-fledged series of "badges”.  

This shift signifies the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida’s deepening engagement with marine ecosystems. The new badge program will help cultivate a deep appreciation for coral reefs, inspire stewardship, and empower a generation of young environmental champions. The badges are designed for all age groups, from the youngest Daisy to the most experienced Ambassador, catering to kindergarteners and high school seniors alike. 

So, how can these badges be earned? It's straightforward – through participation in interactive, hands-on programs offered by CRF™. The program requirements vary for each Girl Scout level, ensuring accessibility and age-appropriate learning experiences. This badge program offers a profound educational journey and at each stage, Girl Scouts will delve deeper into the world of coral reefs. It's an immersive experience meticulously designed to nurture ecological consciousness and inspire action. Activities range from crafting edible 3D coral models to experimenting with chemical reactions to understand the impact of ocean acidification on reefs. There's even the chance to venture out on boats to explore Florida’s Coral Reef. 

At the introductory level, young scouts grasp the basics – what coral is, why it matters, and how they can protect Florida's precious reefs in their daily lives. As they advance, they explore the intricate web connecting Southern Florida's diverse marine ecosystems, gaining insights into the consequences of human-induced changes. The experience badges take them to the heart of the Florida coral reef system. Here, they learn the importance of monitoring coral reefs and restoration sites, understand the perils of coral bleaching and disease, and delve into cutting-edge technologies driving reef restoration. For those aiming for expertise, the advanced and expert badges offer profound insights. Here, they explore the methods of growing coral in a nursery setting, delve into the intricacies of Coral Tree engineering, and explore the current technologies being developed for large-scale reef restoration. 

In a world where environmental awareness is paramount, this partnership between CRF and the Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida shines as a beacon of hope. It's a collaborative effort that's transforming badges into powerful symbols of environmental stewardship and promises to shape a generation of true reef heroes. So, stay tuned, for this story is far from over; it's an adventure that's just beginning. 

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Jun 06

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May 28

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Apr 22

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