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Hank Kollross: CRF™ Volunteer Feature in September 2019

At Coral Restoration Foundation™ we LOVE our volunteers! Their work spans every facet of our organization, from helping to build Coral Trees™ to outplanting with the team. Each month we feature volunteers as a way to highlight their dedication to ocean conservation and commitment to CRF™. This month say hello to Hank Kollross, an aquarist enthusiast turned ocean conservationist!

“Almost 20 years ago I was doing aquaculture for the aquarium industry out of my basement. I was propagating about 40 types of corals in response to what I learned about how they were collected for the Aquarium trade. Like many people I enjoyed my saltwater aquarium but didn't want to collect wild corals or fish to keep up with the hobby.

This became a passion of mine and a few years later when I started diving that passion and interest snowballed. A year ago, on September 1st, I was watching the news, and I was very deflated by some of the policies I saw taking shape; I made a quick decision then to pack up my belongings, put them in storage and move to Florida to help CRF™ rebuild the reefs. If I don't care enough to do something about my passions, then I reckon I am not passionate enough about them.”

- Hank Kollross

How long have you been volunteering with CRF?

On September 1st it was a year that I have been volunteering with CRF.

What is/was your profession?

I work as a software architect on our global sales team in thes smart buildings industry. I also run a small adventure travel company on the side (scuba, sailing, skiing, trekking, rafting, photography etc).

Why do you volunteer with CRF?

The ocean is my passion and any day I can be surrounded by the sea, the people who care about it and the inhabitants of it is a perfect day for me. I am also an aspiring underwater photographer so I've seen first hand many of the issues affecting our reefs and sea life. This is my way of giving back and making a difference.

If you could be a sea creature, which would you be?

Octopus - no question about it! It's my spirit animal and my favorite thing to photograph underwater.

Would you like to join Hank and the rest of the CRF™ family? Check out our volunteer opportunities!

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