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"Heads Up" in June 2023 with the Coral Chronicles

Initiatives like Coralpalooza™ remind us of the power we possess when we unite for a common cause. By engaging diverse individuals and organizations, Coralpalooza™ embodies the idea that collective action is crucial for preserving our coral reefs. It serves as a platform to raise awareness, share knowledge, and encourage active participation in conservation efforts. Through this event, CRF™ aims to restore reefs, inspire responsibility, and foster appreciation for coral ecosystems among people from all walks of life.

CORALPALOOZA™ 2023: A Year Like No Other

This year's Coralpalooza™ stands out for its exceptional reach and impact. It not only encompassed a large-scale direct action day in the Florida Keys but also extended its influence globally, engaging a thousand individuals in coral restoration efforts around the world. Thanks to our tireless volunteers, interns, and CRF™ staff, as well as our incredible international collaborators, we managed to return an astounding total of 15,000 corals worldwide, making this Coralpalooza™ our most successful to date.

Florida Keys: Taking Action for Our Reefs

In the Florida Keys, nine charter boats embarked on a mission to restore coral reefs across the region. The dedication and concerted efforts of our local teams of CRF™ staff, interns, and volunteers resulted in the return of 1,815 corals across six sites at five reefs, including Carysfort Reef, Horseshoe Reef, Pickles Reef, Looe Reef, and Eastern Dry Rocks Reef. We focused on the restoration of staghorn and elkhorn species, which are crucial for reef structure and habitat. Our collaborations with local organizations like MOTE and I.CARE amplified our impact, leading to a total of 4,648 corals being restored in South Florida alone.

Global Impact: A Collective Effort

Beyond Florida, nearly a thousand individuals worldwide took part in our event. Our global partners mirrored our commitment and passion for marine ecosystems, collectively returning over 15,000 corals to reefs around the world. Their unwavering determination proves that mass restoration efforts are not only necessary but also achievable.

Land-based Activities: Fun, Education, and Engagement in Islamorada and Key West

Coralpalooza™ was not solely an ocean-based event. In Islamorada and Key West, we hosted a range of engaging activities that brought together community members, fostering a spirit of unity in conservation. From live music to eco tours, Coral Trivia, and a Paint Along Party, participants had numerous opportunities to connect with the cause while having fun. Our Smathers Beach Clean Up initiative and virtual reality (VR) coral restoration dives further bridged the gap between education and active participation.

An important THANK YOU

We would be remiss not to express our deepest gratitude to the boat shops that provided boats and crew for our restoration efforts, including Pirates Cove, Sea Dwellers, Looe Key Reef, Lost Reef Adventures, Florida Keys Dive Center, Horizon Divers, Rainbow Reef Dive Center, and Silent World Dive Center. Your support has been crucial to our success.

This year's Coralpalooza™ has indeed been extraordinary. Together, we have demonstrated the power of collective action, restoring hope for our marine ecosystems and showing that coral reef restoration on a massive scale is possible. The success of Coralpalooza™ represents a significant milestone in the ongoing mission to restore coral reefs. The dedication of participants, volunteers, and organizations involved has made it the best Coralpalooza™ ever, inspiring hope for the future of coral reefs.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We can't wait to see what we will accomplish together next year.


Julia Padilla is from California and went to Oregon State University where she majored in Zoology. She has had an interest in coral conservation ever since she got her Open Water certification in Indonesia.

She also enjoys long walks in the intertidal, identifying marine invertebrates. She wants to educate others about coral and conservation efforts.

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Beyond Florida, nearly a thousand individuals worldwide took part in our event.

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