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Jay Caskie: CRF™ Volunteer Feature in August 2019

At Coral Restoration Foundation™ we LOVE our volunteers! Their work spans every facet of our organization, from helping to build Coral Trees™ to outplanting with the team. Each month we feature volunteers as a way to highlight their dedication to ocean conservation and commitment to CRF. This month say hello to Jay Caskie, a volunteer who traveled all the way from New Mexico to help us restore the Florida Reef Tract and whose vibrant personality always brightened our days on the water.

“I view corals to be the same as our wetlands and mangrove forests, they are a critical part of sustaining marine life while affording protection for our coastlines.” - Jay Caskie

How long have you been volunteering with CRF?

I traveled to Key Largo from New Mexico for the first time this year, with the purpose of volunteering with CRF over a six week period. I am working on another extended stay trip, back to volunteer with CRF in the spring of 2020.

What is/was your profession?

My last occupation prior to retiring five years ago was a twenty-five year career in the marine industry. Much of my retirement has been spent looking into the state of our oceans and several aspects of ocean conservation.

Why do you volunteer with CRF?

I actively support the Coral Restoration Foundation™ due to the belief that coral farming and out-planting is a part of the solution and a bridge to help nurture the marine life that is terminally at risk from various sources. Going forward sustaining sea life is likely to be of much greater importance than currently mandated. The folks are CRF™ are fighting the good fight.

If you could be a sea creature, which would you be?

I can’t say that there is any single creature I’d like to be, but a few of my favorites include: frogfish, cuttlefish, trunkfish, and filefish. Perhaps I’d just like to be a something fish….

Be sure to check out the new methodology that Jay helped us develop in last weeks Bringing It Back Coral Chronicles update here!

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