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Saie Hello to Healthy Coral Reefs!

It's 2022 and we could all use a little R and R, rest and restoration! Saie is here to help us jump start our year of self-care by supporting Coral Restoration Foundation™ with their high performance, clean beauty products, shipped in sustainable packaging.

Laney Crowell, founder and CEO of Saie reflects the choice to support Coral Restoration Foundation™ and her connection to our blue planet.

Saie founder and CEO, Laney Crowell. ©Saie

Laney grew up living between California and Paris, bouncing back and forth between nature and fashion. Today she shares her memories of oceans and reefs around the world which inspired her in part to found Saie.

What is your earliest memory of the ocean?

Probably being at the beach in Northern California, wrapped up because the fog made it quite cold out. Playing in the sand with my cousins.

What is your favorite marine creature?

Right now I would have to say the octopus. It’s such an intelligent, beautiful, and totally unique creature. I went night diving once and followed an octopus for 20 minutes and remember the experience like it was yesterday.

Have you experienced a healthy coral reef ecosystem?

I grew up snorkling and then I learned to scuba dive when I was 14 yrs old. I spent time in the Maldives and everything was so vibrant and abundant.

Staghorn coral returned to the wild by Coral Restoration Foundation bring vibrance back to an otherwise gray reef. ©Jess Levy/Coral Restoration Foundation™

Have you seen a badly degraded reef system?

When I went diving in the Cayman Islands I remember doing on an excursion that was to the most famous spot, and it was so gray and lacked life. It was so depressing.

What concerns or scares you the most about climate change?

The list is endless...and it becomes daunting to think about, which is why supporting organizations like Coral Restoration Foundation™ is important to us at Saie, to provide hope!

Coral Restoration Foundation™ returns corals to the wild on a massive scale, and uses science to further coral restoration and monitoring techniques. ©Alexander Neufeld/Coral Restoration Foundation™

Why do you, personally, care about coral reefs?

I love the ocean and all the creatures it holds. I know how important coral reefs are to the equation.

Why is protecting and restoring coral reefs relevant to your brand?

One of the pillars of Saie is our mission to be earth friendly. Ocean health is something we are very passionate about.

What do you think are some of the easiest ways that the average person can join the mission to save coral reefs from extinction?

Donate to organizations that are doing good work and reducing consumption in single use plastics!

Thank you to Laney and Saie for their support of our mission to restore coral reefs to a healthy state!

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