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Sarah Rubelowsky: CRF™ Volunteer Feature in July 2019

At Coral Restoration Foundation™ we LOVE our volunteers! Their work spans every facet of our organization, from helping to build Coral Trees™ to outplanting with the team. Each month we feature volunteers as a way to highlight their dedication to ocean conservation and commitment to CRF. This month say hello to Sarah Rubelowsky, our primary point of contact at Rainbow Reef Dive Center who not only helps schedule all of our programs with this awesome company, but also whose passion for conservation shines through her work!

“I care about corals because somebody has too! There are so many marine organisms that depend on coral reefs for food and shelter. They are a vital part of the existence of so many marine species and I don't think people grasp how detrimental that fin tip hitting the coral is or how toxic that chemical sunscreen is to our reefs. Diving is what lead me to get my degree in biology with an emphasis on environmental science and is also what got me so interested in conservation. I want to learn more about how I can improve the world we live in because if we don't, future generations are never going to have the life-changing experiences like I did when I saw the vibrant corals and marine life swimming around in the ocean and that just isn't fair. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the beauty of our underwater world and we owe it those marine organisms to conserve and care about their home!“

- Sarah Rubelowsky

Photo credit: John Nussbaum

Q: How long have you been volunteering with CRF?

I have been volunteering with CRF for about a year and a half now. I moved to Key Largo to start my internship at Rainbow Reef Dive Center in January of 2018 and soon found out about the opportunity to get involved with CRF . Anytime they ran programs with us, I would volunteer to be one of the crew on board because their trips are always worthwhile and extremely rewarding.

Q: What is/was your profession?

I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer at Rainbow Reef Dive Center and work on the dive boats as an instructor, mate, and guide. I also work part-time as part of the Rainbow Reef Office Staff and am one of their Conservation Coordinators. And lastly I am the Florida Keys Sales Representative for Stream2Sea, a reef safe sunscreen and body care company dedicated to protecting what we all know and love!

Q: Why do you volunteer with CRF?

I volunteer because the work CRF does adds a little purpose to my diving. Scuba diving itself is already a relaxing sport, but there is something therapeutic about cleaning trees in the nursery and outplanting corals back on the reef. However, nothing beats going back to the outplanting sites a few weeks to months later and seeing the growth and knowing you were part of making that happen. As one of the Conservation Coordinators, I have become much more involved with planning the Coral Restoration Foundation Dive Programs at Rainbow and it brings me nothing but joy to see so many people interested in learning about helping our reefs. These trips are what makes it all worthwhile!

Q: If you could be a sea creature, which would you be?

I would be an eagle ray. Eagle rays are by far my favorite sea creature to see while diving because the way they glide through the water is so beautiful to me. I think I would be completely content gliding through the water all day, everyday! And I mean, who doesn't love eagle rays?

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