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"Talking Science" in March 2022...Again with the Coral Chronicles

Peer-Reviewed and Published!

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available to download for free on our website! These reports serve as a resource for everyone to fully understand the scope and goal of our mission. This year's report is filled with the triumphs, challenges, individual achievements, and collaborations that CRF™ completed in 2021.

One particular area of interest to our "Talking Science" readers will of course be the scientific collaborations we worked on in 2021. Our Science Program is in the unique position of being able to provide scientists with corals from our nurseries, as well as field support, for experimental work that is aligned with our research priorities.

Scientists work together in a CRF™ nursery. ©Coral Restoration Foundation™

In 2021 our expertise and infrastructure supported 8 scientific collaborations, and 6 studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Three of these published studies were co-authored by members of our team; our CEO, Scott Winters, Director of Restoration Strategy, Jess Levy, and Science Program Manager, Amelia Moura. The studies covered topics including the impacts of disease and bleaching, genetic resilience, coral nurseries, coral ecology, and outplanting methods.

Coral Restoration Foundation™ works with multiple coral restoration and research agencies on a variety of projects aimed at furthering our understanding of reef ecosystems and restoration practices. ©Coral Restoration Foundation™

Our goals at Coral Restoration Foundation™ include empowering the wider community in the mission to restore coral reefs and our scientific collaborations are one of the many ways we accomplish that goal. Over the last few years as our programs evolved, the most rewarding aspect of our growth has been the way in which our organization is increasingly able to support a much wider community of scientists, divers, restoration practitioners, and managers. We are providing tools, resources, and solutions for our global community.

The peer-reviewed publications supported by CRF™ can be found below, though some may require additional access to read in full. For a condensed summary of each of our 8 collaborations be sure to read through our 2021 Annual Report!

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

January 18, 2021

Thomas Oh, Jittiwat Sermsripong, Barry W. Hicks

Zoo Biology

February 6, 2021

Sebastian Slagel, Kathryn Lohr, Keri O'Neil, Joshua T. Patterson

Coral Reefs

July 14, 2021

Joseph A. Henry, Keri L. O'Neil, Aaron R. Pilnick, Joshua T. Patterson

CRF™ divers assist in returning coral sexual recruits, bred from corals in CRF™ nurseries, to the wild ©Coral Restoration Foundation™

Frontiers in Marine Science

July 16, 2021

Amelia Moura, Brian Beck, renee Duffey, Lucas McEachron, Margaret Miller, Jennifer Moore, Alison Moulding, R. Scott Winters

Talking Science has published an articles detailing the work of our Science Department in the creation and execution of the Global Coral Sample Registry described in this peer-reviewed paper! Click here to read the story!

Restoration Ecology

September 20, 2021

Tali Vardi, Whitney C. Hoot, Jessica Levy, Elizabeth Shaver, R. Scott Winters, Anastazia T. Banaszak, Illiana B. Baums, Valerie F. Chamberland, Nathan Cook, David Gulko, Margaux Y. Hein, Les Kaufman, Michelle Loewe, Petra Lundgren, Caitlin Lustic, Petra MacGowan, Mikhail V. Matz, Miles McGonigle, Ian McLeoud, Jennifer Moore, Tom Moore, Sandrine Pivard, F. Joseph Pollock, Baruch Rinkevich, David J. Sugget, Samuel Suleiman, T. Shay Viehman, Tatiana Villalobos, Virginia M Weis, Chelsea Wolke, Phanor H. Montoya-Maya

Restoration Ecology

October 20, 2021

This paper was led by efforts from the Shedd Aquarium and supported by multiple restoration agencies throughout South Florida, check out the article published by Shedd describing more of what the work entails.

Community support has always been the driver of our ambitions at Coral Restoration Foundation™ and so as we work towards bringing this ecosystem back to life, we are also working towards furthering the field of reef restoration around the world!

© Alexander Neufeld/Coral Restoration Foundation™


Coral Chronicles Editor

Madalen Howard is CRF's Communications and Outreach Coordinator. Madalen comes to CRF™ via a winding road from the Tennessee hills, to the South Carolina low country, ending here in Florida’s Coral Reef. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology and a Minor in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston in 2016. Her experience ranges from field research to education, and communications.

Madalen spent the 4 years as a Field Instructor and Social Media Strategist for MarineLab Environmental Education Center. There she was able to study and teach marine ecology, while snorkeling through mangroves, seagrasses, and coral reefs every day. While at MarineLab she combined her education and research background, entered the world of communications, and developed MarineLab’s social media department from the ground up.

Throughout her life Madalen has had a skill connecting people with nature. With CRF™, she is excited to bring people into the world of coral restoration, creating inclusive pathways to scientific discovery.

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