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The Search is on for a Student Film to Help Save Coral Reefs

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Through the National “Coral to Action” Student Challenge, we are searching for the best short film of a minute or less that tells the world about the crisis facing our coral reefs and how people can help. The challenge is open to all students in the United States in grades K through 12.

Coral Restoration Foundation™ Communications Director, Alice Grainger explains, “It’s not too late for us to make sure that coral reefs are a feature of life on Earth in the future. This is a chance for students throughout the country to lend their voices and their creativity to the fight to save this important ecosystem. We are looking for a film that is creative, inspiring, and unexpected- something that will stop people in their tracks and get them motivated to join the mission!”


Submitted videos will be narrowed to three finalists by an expert panel of judges that includes Emmy Award-winner Angie Lassman from NBC 6, and Richard Vevers, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Agency and the mind behind the critically-acclaimed Netflix hit “Chasing Coral”. Finalist videos will be put to a public vote to find the winner.

Asked why this challenge matters, Vevers responded, “Raising awareness about the coral reef crisis has never been more important. Our actions over the next few years will determine whether we become the first generation to lose a planetary ecosystem… or be the first to save one.”


The winning students will receive a state-of-the-art educational aquarium for their school, donated by Titan Aquatic Exhibits. Their video will be hosted on the Coral Restoration Foundation™ website and shared across every one of the organization’s social media accounts with a combined reach of just under half a million people a month.


The “Coral to Action” Broadcast Sponsor, NBC 6, is giving America’s students an opportunity to amplify their message. They are joining the mission to save our planet’s coral reefs from extinction and will be airing the winning film on their network and digital platforms.

NBC 6’s Angie Lassman explains why spreading this message is so important, “Through my reporting, I’ve seen that the ocean’s coral is a mirror into the overall health of our planet. When the coral is struggling, many other aspects of the environment are struggling and when the corals are thriving, our environment can thrive. That’s why it’s necessary to put up a good fight against the decimation of our coral reefs before they’re gone forever.”


This campaign gives all students a chance to empower their communities to create positive change for life in the oceans. For more information and to enter the “Coral to Action” Student Challenge, visit

For more information, contact Alice Grainger

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