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How can I collect a spider? You must light the Fuses next to the Spider to make it move. You will have to first break part of the Spider’s web, igniting Fuses in it. When you finally can make a combination next to the Spider, it will try to move to a new nesting place (it will look like a dense white network). If there are no other nesting spots on the board, the Spider will be assembled. You can use the Magic Shovel or Tractor Accelerators to clean the web. What does a chicken do? If you make a combination next to him, the chicken will lay the egg and jump to a new place. If you are lucky, the Chicken can sit a cracked egg, giving you the opportunity to create a Chicken. You can also use the Magic Shovel Accelerator to make Chicken. How do I collect Chicken? You need to connect three eggs to produce one egg with a crack, then connect three eggs with a crack to collect one Chicken. The Magic Shovel and Egg Cracker accelerators can also be used to produce cracked eggs. How to assemble an Alligator? An alligator gathers like a Chicken. You need a combination of three nested Alligator eggs to produce one Alligator egg. The combination of three Alligator eggs is needed to create a cracked Alligator egg. The combination of three cracked Alligator eggs is needed to create the Alligator. Accelerators “Magic Shovel” and “Egg Cracker” can also be used to crack eggs.

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