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I have a confession to make: I'm a personal growth addict. It all started when I was in my teens and I was gifted a self-improvement book. I know that sounds crazy but that book changed my life. I realized that I wasn't living in alignment with my calling, and so a couple of years later, at the mere age of nineteen, I packed my bags and moved across the globe in pursuit of a dream, of something I knew I could achieve. =#@>>---------=---------<< Click Here Now to Get it Free =#@>>---------=---------<< It's been over fifteen years since then, and a lot has changed in my life. One thing hasn't changed, though: even after all this time, and even though I achieved so many of my goals (and maybe because of that) I'm still constantly looking for ways to grow personally and professionally. I've read more books and took more courses on personal development than I can count. Some of them were great, but most were a waste of time and money. At times, it was frustrating. I just wanted to have a place where I could learn everything I needed to grow in different areas of my life, and not spend too much of my time doing it. I also didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on it. I was ready to give up but then something really cool happened: I received an email from a personal transformation e-learning platform called Mindvalley that ticked all my boxes. Full of great courses taught by top experts in the field? Check. Affordable? Check. Doesn't take up much time? Check. I initially wrote this review after 30 days of using Mindvalley. However, now that it's been almost 6 months, it's time for an update. From this review, you will learn what Mindvalley is, how it works, what classes Mindvalley offers, how much does subscription cost, and whether or not Mindvalley is worth it. I will also share my own experience with the platform.

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