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Scuba Certification Scholarships

These opportunities allow recipients to directly receive funding for their marine-based pursuits and scuba certification classes that they otherwise would not have the financial means to pursue.

Beneath the Sea, Inc.- Marine Career Scholarships

Type: Annual, Scholarships and Training Grants

Number of Scholarships and Grants: 13

Beneath the Sea, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to provide continuing education to the recreational diver community and educate the public on the benefits of protecting the ocean environment. They offer many funding opportunities to young adults wanting to pursue marine-related careers and gain SCUBA certification. 


Opportunities for (Dependant on Scholarship):

  • Individuals ages 13-23

  • Individuals ages 18+


The Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarships 

Type: Annual, Scholarships and Training Grants

Number of Scholarships/Grants: TBD

The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) is an organization dedicated to honoring the accomplishments of women divers around the world, and offer many scholarships to young people wanting to get SCUBA certified or pursue a marine-related career. Scholarships revolve around conservation, scuba certification, medical education, underwater photography, and more. 


Opportunities for (dependant on scholarship): 

  • Women only

  • Men and Women

  • Women age 13-21

  • Women of all ages

  • Disabled Divers


American Academy of Underwater Sciences - Student Scholarships

Type: Annual Scholarships and Internships

Number of Scholarships: 3

The AAUS is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of standards of practice for scientific diving with a mission of advancing and facilitating safe and productive scientific diving. They offer internships and scholarships for gear purchase as well as research projects. 


Opportunity for:

  • AAUS member divers


Reef Medics - Scholarships

Type: Annual Scholarships

Number of Scholarships: 6

Reef Medics is an organization that educates the public on the importance of reef conservation through scuba and outreach, aiming to make a difference in the lives of many. They offer 6 scholarships that fund open water certification and gear purchases for young adults wanting to pursue a marine-based career.


Opportunities for (Dependent on Scholarship): 

  • Individuals ages 12-16

  • Individuals ages 17-21 


Global Underwater Explorers - Nextgen Scholarship

Type: Annual Scholarship

Number of Scholarships: 1


As leaders in scuba education and exploration, GUI has created a yearly scholarship to provide one diver with training, advancing certification, travel expenses, diving equipment, and platinum membership as a Nextgen scholar. Sign up to get notified of the next available scholarship period. 


Opportunity for: 

  • Advanced open water divers

  • Individuals between the ages 21-30

  • Those with 20 dives logged or more

  • Those fluent in English 


PADI Boy Scouts Dive to Adventure Scholarship

Type: Annual

Number of Scholarships: 30+


PADI offers those in any scouting program the chance to receive a scholarship that will help them afford scuba certification at multiple levels. The scholarships range from $250-$1,800 depending on the level, and can be applied for annually. 


Opportunity for: 

  • Current Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Sea Scouts

SeaSmart Ocean Conservation

Type: Annual Travel and Certification Program Scholarship 

Number of Scholarships/Grants: 1 US; 2 local program country


SeaSmart, a 501c3 nonprofit, hopes to provide qualified students with an opportunity to explore their interest in ocean conservation, marine biology and SCUBA diving. The US high school student scholarship is offered to address the underrepresentation of women and minorities in marine science studies and will award funding to support their participation in the SeaSmart Summer program. In addition, two scholarships are offered to students who reside in the country where the program is taking place. 

Many of these opportunities are offered annually! If the deadline has passed, check back to see if you can apply the following year.


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