Who We Are

The Coral Restoration Foundation Inc. (CRF) is a 501 c (3) non-profit conservation organization created to develop off-shore coral nurseries and reef restoration programs for critically endangered coral reefs at local, national, and international levels.

What We Do

The mission of CRF is to develop affordable, effective strategies for protecting and restoring coral reefs and to train and empower others to implement those strategies in their coastal communities, restoring and preserving these aquatic treasures for future generations.

How You Can Help

CRF believes community involvement is key to restoring coral reefs for future generations. Find out how you can become a CRF volunteer or participate in a Dive Program.

Support enables CRF to grow corals in several offshore nurseries and to outplant these corals to degraded reefs.


Adopt a staghorn coral or coral Tree- Nursery and make a difference in restoring our reefs.




Show your support and share what CRF is doing with our organic tshirts, rashguards, and more!




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