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We are a small, dynamic team of specialists with a passion for the ocean and its conservation. 


Whenever we have a staff vacancy, you will find the details here. 

Temporary Reef Restoration Associate: FULL TIME, Florida Keys Based

The Temporary Restoration Associate contributes to CRF™ restoration goals by assisting in holding a representative broodstock of regional coral biodiversity; propagating corals and species for reef restoration, species recovery, and facilitate external collaborations; out planting produced corals to reefs to meet internal and external goals; and in the monitoring and reporting of gene bank, nursery, out planting, and all other restoration operations. You will work closely with the Restoration Program Manager, Administrator, Coordinators, and fellow members of the Restoration Team to help plan, implement, and monitor restoration operations. This position has a mix of field and land-based tasks.  


As a field team member, you will assist in executing CRF™ day-to-day restoration and monitoring activities including (but not limited to): operating CRF™ truck, trailer, and vessel fleet daily; the operation of the in-situ gene bank; the maintenance and monitoring of the offshore coral nurseries; the implementation of out planting and monitoring tasks at restoration sites; all while following CRF™ standard operating procedures for restoration activities and data collection.  

In addition to the field-based functions of this position, the land-based activities may include (but are not limited to): nursery structure assembly; coral transfers; data capturing, recording, and analysis for current projects; maintaining supply inventories and preparing purchase requisitions; training of CRF™ interns and supervision of intern projects; document, file, and prepare records for report writing, fueling vehicles and boats, and assisting in scuba gear and vessel maintenance with administrative and operations staff.  

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Biology, Ecology, Marine, or Environmental sciences.

  • SCUBA certification: Rescue Diver from an internationally recognized training agency, with a minimum of fifty (50) open water dives; at least thirty (30) of those dives as ocean dives, and ten (10) as boat dives.

  • First Aid, CPR and O2 Provider certifications from an internationally recognized agency.

  • Practical experience trailering and operating small boats in the open ocean.

  • Excellent communication in English, both orally and in writing.

  • Demonstrated experience using MS Office (Word, Excel, Teams and Outlook), Garmin GPS software, and Google products (Google Earth).

  • Strong organizational and analytical skills.

  • Experience supervising diverse groups of divers with various levels of dive skills and certifications.

  • Experience with SCUBA tank, high-pressure air compressor, gear repairs, and general vehicle or vessel maintenance.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution in Biology, Ecology, Marine, or Environmental sciences.

  • Dive Master or higher, from an internationally recognized training agency, with a minimum of fifty (60) open water dives; at least thirty (30) of those dives as ocean dives and ten (30) as boat dives.

  • MOCC Certified or Coast Guard Licensed Captains.

  • Experience working in field-based coral reef conservation and restoration.

  • Experience managing data collection and data entry systems.

Problem Solving Attributes

  • Critical thinking to adapt or modify processes in response to fluid circumstances.

  • Coordinate multiple tasks with many variables, while working on SCUBA.

  • Solve routine problems independently; consult the Program Manager for unusual or complex problems.

  • Acute attention to detail.

  • Development of acute spatial awareness and attention to detail while working underwater. This includes accomplishing dive tasks at nurseries and restoration sites while also being responsible for and managing the dive team.


Personal Characteristics

  • Deep integrity, with an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior and communication.

  • Consistently demonstrate professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and remain discrete.

  • Positive attitude while being self-motivated, independent, reliable, and displaying strong core characteristics as described in CRF™ value statement.

  • Multi-tasker who is expected to think critically while being intuitive. Able to adjust unexpected changes and readily solve problems.  


For more information and details on how to apply, check out the full job description here. 

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