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We are a small, dynamic team of specialists with a passion for the ocean and its conservation. 


Whenever we have a staff vacancy, you will find the details here. 

Educational Field Associate (Coordinator): FULL TIME, Florida Keys Based

The Educational Field Associate position is for the purpose of growing, maintaining, and coordinating the existing recreational dive programs within the Education Department, reporting to the Education Program Manager. The current Recreational Dive program exists to educate recreational divers on the work and scope of our organization. The recreational divers participate in a classroom session, brief training, and several dives. CRF Coral Crew, in the form of volunteers, interns, or staff, facilitate the dives as “science guides” on these programs, which are coordinated internally with local dive operators or directly with visiting dive groups.


The Educational Field Associate is responsible for a) expanding and implementing a recreational dive program; b) overseeing all related aspects of their marketing and implementation; c) developing new and managing existing relationships with core program partners at local, regional, and international levels; and d) working collaboratively with all staff to facilitate the success of the program.


Job Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Recreational Dive Coordination

    • Develop the recreational dive program to become both a volunteer generator and an immersive outreach tool that can be packaged and exported between CRF locations.

    • Maintain a recreational dive program that is informative, interactive and inclusive.

    • Work with the Communications Department to create and execute a marketing plan to promote the program nationally and internationally.

    • Build relationships nationally to establish new partnerships with recreational divers, dive groups, dive shops and dive organizations.

    • Work with CRF leadership to build relationships internationally to establish new partnerships with recreational divers, dive groups, dive shops, and dive organizations outside the US.

    • Manage program bookings and the financial aspects of the dive programs under the supervision of the Education Program Manager.

    • Manage programs by: Working with customers and operators to plan and schedule programs in advance, clearly communicating expectations, and managing required paperwork.

    • Maintain a high level of safety in all aspects of the dive programs; working with the DSO/COO as necessary in a manner that meets or exceeds CRF’s safety standards.

    • Establish and implement staffing for programs (using CRF staff, interns and volunteers).

    • Collaborate in the development of education materials for dive programs.

    • Provide necessary internal training for staff or interns on program expectations, customer service, and safety.

    • Manage and maintain all data are in compliance with DSO and audit standards.

    • Assist in special projects requiring Recreational Dive Programs as necessary.

    • Jointly manage with CRF staff and departments aspects of CRF’s annual Coralpalooza event.


  • Other Duties

    • Assist with maintenance of the Exploration Center as requested or directed.

    • Assist in special projects with other departments as requested or directed.

    • Assist with the implementation of the Citizen Science Program as requested or directed.

    • Assist with volunteer and intern training as requested or directed.

    • Assist with edutainment activities as requested or directed.

    • Assist with restoration activities as needed.

    • Work collaboratively across departments within the organization such as Communications, Development, Administration/Accounting, Reef Restoration, and Science.

    • Work with the Education Program Manager to design/implement a Yearly Budget and Operating Plan.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Personal Characteristics

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

  • Divemaster through an internationally recognized certification agency 

  • Two years of experience in a related field: dive industry, an environmental nonprofit, a conservation organization, recreation/tourism management, and/or business/marketing

  • Desire to design and implement educational dive programs

  • Effective oral and written communication skills

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word with a strong understanding of general computer technology

  • Ability to plan and manage projects to successful and timely completion

  • Agent of change – eager to improve self, business process, data quality, and business performance

  • Deep integrity, with an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior

For more information and details on how to apply, check out the full job description here. 

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