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CRF™ is seeking a Dive Safety Officer (DSO) / Chief Operations Officer (COO) for the organization. The DSO/COO will be a member of the Executive management team of the organization, reporting directly to the CEO. 

This position is based in Key Largo, Florida, USA. The DSO/COO is expected to reside full-time in the Florida Keys in order to provide daily, in-person operational oversight to the organization. Given the nature of CRF™’s work and the level of responsibility commensurate with this role, it should be assumed that the DSO/COO will be on-call at all times. While CRF™’s regular workweek is Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, dive operations and programs frequently operate outside of these times. 



• Organizational Safety: 

  • DSO/COO will be responsible for all aspects of the organization’s safety program: both on-land and in-water. This includes, but is not limited to, development of internal processes (e.g. fire response, hurricane-emergency evacuation), implementation of OSHA standards and on-going staff training, as well as dive safety. For the later, in the role of Dive Safety Officer (DSO) and in this capacity report directly to the dive safety board. 

  • Facility Operations - This includes responsibility for managing leased facilities and all marine and land-based assets under CRF™ programs: office facility in Islamorada; Exploration Center in Key Largo; and all boats, vehicles, dive related equipment, and administrative equipment. 


  • Facilities, Asset & Risk Management:

    • The DSO/COO will be responsible for the management of aspects of the organization’s facilities and assets (i.e. boats, vehicles, trailers, compressors etc.). This includes, but is not limited, to ensuring their performance, safety, maintenance and staff training. 

    • Insurance and Risk Management - This includes responsibility for aspects of insurance policies: General Liability, D&O, Vessels & Auto coverages. 


• Leadership of CRF™ Restoration, Science, and Education Programs: 

  • Support CRF™ Program Managers in the execution of their annual operating plan. 

  • Facilitate the creation of program managers’ annual operating plans in order to ensure their alignment with the organization’s five-year strategic plan. This includes establishing regular reviews of operating plan progress as well as performance reviews of direct reports; and guiding managers in their performance reviews of individual staff members. 

  • In support of the Education Program, to help develop and promote a culture whereby all staff views themselves as trainers and educators. This includes the further development and build-out of systems to source, train and retain active volunteers. 

  • Help to establish and maintain productive intra-office collaborations across all programs. 

  • Develop an employee-oriented culture that emphasizes empowerment, accountability, quality, continuous improvement, employee retention and development, and the generation of high-performance results. 

  • Supports management by providing human resources advice, counsel, and decisions; analyzing information, complaints, and applications; and ensuring organizational compliance with internal policies and governing laws and regulations. 

  • Work with the CEO in establishing and maintaining effective external collaborations and relationships. 


• For all of the aforementioned areas the DSO/COO will have responsibility for the following: 

  • Development of the annual operating plan and associated budget. 

  • Collaboration and support of program managers in setting daily/weekly task goals required to accomplish their annual operating plan goals. Supervision and assistance to program managers toward accomplishing their respective tasks as needed. 

  • Management of program managers. This includes mentoring of program managers as well as serving as an example and resource for their development. 

  • Assuring that written operational procedures are developed & maintained. 

  • The DSO/COO will have an indirect reporting relationship to the Accounting Manager for issues related to budgeting, financial reporting, and internal financial controls. 


  • A minimum of five years demonstrated experience in operations management above and below the water. 

  • Comprehensive, holistic, and progressive understanding of the field of marine conservation. 

  • Strong organizational, communication, and business planning skills are critical, including the ability to supervise the collection and analysis of relevant data. 


  • General knowledge of employment laws and practices with the ability to assist program managers with employment matters and compliance with regulatory requirements and reporting. 

  • Applicant must hold a current SCUBA certification at an Instructor level, from an internationally recognized training agency. Preference for Scientific Divers (AAUS or equivalent) certified. 

  • Spatial awareness of surroundings and fellow divers, while maintaining strict compliance with CRF™ dive safety protocols. This means being able to watch and manage dive teams while also being able to accomplish tasks within nurseries and at restoration sites. 

  • Current certifications for First Aid, CPR and O2 Provider with the certification issued from an internationally recognized agency. 

  • Small boat handling and boat trailering experience. Preference to MOCC Certified or Coast Guard Licensed Captains. 

  • Experience with SCUBA tank, high-pressure air compressor, gear, motor vehicle and boat vessel maintenance, maintenance schedules, and repair. 

  • Strong knowledge of and experience with field-based work including resources needed, limitations to capacity (balance workload with work capacity in a realistic way), facilities and mechanical savvy. 

  • Demonstrated experience using MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook), Garmin GPS software, and Google products (Google Earth and calendar features). 


  • High emotional intelligence. 

  • Strong communication skills. 

  • Adept at problem-solving and critical thinking with strong interpersonal skills. 

  • Coordinate multiple tasks with many variables, requiring strong organizational and analytical skills, acute attention to detail, and efficient time-management. 

  • Solve routine problems independently; consult the CEO for unusual or complex problems. 

  • Development of acute awareness and attention to detail during all facets of their work, on-land, and in-water. 

  • CRF™ operates with a small full-time staff. This lean operation, along with a diverse and unified team, is crucial to our success. Being an effective team member includes setting a positive and professional example for the staff, interns, and volunteers at all times. It requires the sustained ability to work harmoniously with the CRF™ team, interns, volunteers, and the public, including the donors, partners, and media. 

For more information and details on how to apply, please download the full job description here.



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