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JUNE 8TH 2024



 On World Oceans Day every year, Coral Restoration Foundation™ mobilizes hundreds of ocean lovers to take large-scale action to restore coral reefs in Florida and around the world. 

Divers can join Coral Restoration Foundation™ in Florida for a full day of saving coral reefs with the opportunity to return endangered corals to the wild with their own hands!

But that’s not all! Coralpalooza™ will feature family-friendly, land-based activities and an evening celebration!

Boats for Coralpalooza in Florida fill up incredibly fast. To avoid missing out, get yourself on the First Alert List below and we will give you a 48-hour head start when registration opens - we'll send you a heads up two days before we go public on social media. Don't delay, sign up today!

*Please note all Coralpalooza Activities are weather dependent and no refunds will be issued in case of cancellation due to weather. 


How does the day work?  

Coralpalooza™ is considered a full day event! Registrants will be assigned to dive operators based on the location that they selected (Upper Keys, Middle Keys or Lower Keys), but the location you go to may all be different! Two dives per registrant are coordinated (two tanks and weights included) and boats are scheduled for a full day to allow for all divers to not feel pressured by dive time; departures vary from 7-10AM and return times vary from 2-5PM. Travel times on the vessel will vary from 30 to 60 minutes. Overall, please plan for 4-6 hours on the boat.  

What will I be doing?  

Restoration activities and SCUBA diving are always weather dependent activities. The safety of our divers, both participants and our CRF team, is our ultimate priority. The intention of the day is to return corals to the reef in various quantities up and down the Florida Keys, but this activity may be changed or even cancelled last minute. Should the weather not allow for restoration activities but is deemed safe enough for recreational diving per the dive operators, then activities will be revised. Should a small craft advisory or warning be issued, dive activities may be cancelled entirely in the interest of safety.  

How long are the dives?  

Times will be given per location and activity! All divers and their buddies must return to the vessel with no less than 500PSI in their tanks. 

Can I spend one dive taking pictures?  

We do encourage people to document their experience! However, if returning corals to the reef, then all divers must join in this activity – if we bring 200 corals to the reef, then 200 corals will need to stay on that reef! We can’t bring corals back to land or to the ocean nursery if we don’t “finish”. We’ll thank you in advance to please plan on prioritizing your time to accomplishing the work we plan to do! 


How many dives are included? 

Two dives are coordinated for all registrants. The CRF™ representatives on board coordinating the restoration activities (the “Coral Crew”) may conduct a third dive to finish any remaining restoration work.  

How many sites will we visit? 

If returning corals to the reef, then we will spend all the dives at the one site! Should the weather not allow for “outplanting”, then the plan will be altered and sites based on conditions will be selected. 

Are they morning or afternoon dives?  

So that restoration work and the dives do not feel rushed, activities are slotted over a 4-6 hour period. Some vessels may be a “morning” or “afternoon” trip but still a minimum 4 hour period. Please plan your travel accordingly.  


Do you provide rental gear? 

Coral Restoration Foundation™ works with local dive operators for the restoration activities and vessel usage. All registrants will be assigned a liaison dive operator once registration closes, and this dive operator can assist with any rental gear.  


How about tanks/weights?  

The dive operator that you are assigned to will provide the tanks and weights! 


How about Nitrox?  

The dive operator that you are assigned to may be able to support your Nitrox request! 


Can I bring my own tanks?  

Please direct this question to your assigned dive operator once registration closes and more details have been sent out! 


How deep are the dives?  

Dives may vary from 15-30 ft (5-10m) in depth for restoration activities. Should restoration activities be impacted due to weather and recreational diving occur, dive depths may vary pending the operator’s discretion. 


How will I receive training?  

This 2022 year, training will be coordinated remotely through Zoom sessions. Once registration closes, multiple Zoom classes will be offered in the weeks leading up to June 10th. All registered dive and snorkel participants MUST attend a Zoom training or participation will be limited to snorkeling.  


I’ve already done a dive program, do I have to attend training?  

Yes! Coralpalooza™ is such a unique event that being familiar with its programming is necessary!  


I don’t have a buddy. What now? 

Not a problem! There are many individuals who have registered. You will be buddied randomly with another individual unless previously indicated on your registration form.  


What should I bring? 

  • Food & snacks! Since we will be out on the water for 4-6 hours, this may encompass the traditional “lunchtime”. Please plan to bring some food for yourself and group.  

  • Water! While there will be water on board the boats, please plan to bring a refillable water container(s), and maybe even some electrolytes to ensure proper hydration. SCUBA diving is a thirsty sport!  

  • Please protect your skin and eyes by covering up, using zinc- or titanium-based sunscreen (please NO sunscreen with oxybenzone chemicals; if unsure, then leave it at home!), bringing a hat and wearing sunglasses.  

  • While gloves are not required, those with sensitive skin my appreciate having a glove. A basic pair of simple gardening gloves are sufficient.  

  • A towel(s) 

  • Whatever else you need for a full day on the water!  


Ok, I registered! What’s next? 

Thank you for registering! We’re SO excited to have you join us. You will receive a confirmation email with your registration information. If you do not receive one, please email us at  to verify that we have the correct email on file. Our team will begin corresponding with you one month prior to the event, so having the correct email and checking your junk/spam folder regularly is important! If you have not received any information, first check your spam/junk folder and then contact us at  

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