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The Coral Restoration Foundation™ After School Club is a fun, hands-on edutainment program tailored to your students.


Hassle-free, holistic, and meaningful, and it doesn't cost the school anything! 








The Coral Restoration Foundation™ STEAM edutainment programs combine elements of Project-Based, Team-Based, and Problem-Based Curriculum to deliver a hopeful message about taking personal responsibility to protect our reefs.


Each activity, developed by our restoration practitioners, uses a hands-on approach to engage students to think holistically about the conditions of the Florida Reef Tract, and its implications.


Based on internal 2017 post-survey results, our CPalms-based programs result in a 135% increase in understanding the importance of reefs, and 107% increase in ocean conservation knowledge.



We offer a FREE one-hour school presentation from our very own Captain Coral as a kick-off to our After School Clubs.


Through the age-adapted presentation, students will be introduced not only to the after-school program, but to the concepts of coral physiology, reef ecology, and oceanic stewardship through spectacular demonstrations, including dramatic chemical reactions, freezing dry ice, and explosive indoor cannons! This allows every student, even individuals who don’t sign up, to be part of the fun.


Each week, participants will create and/or take home a project about the topic that was discussed. Along with this take home, participants will be given follow up activities, within such subject matters as language arts, math, and creative arts, that they can do at home.


This holistic approach to conservation education is what separates the Coral Restoration Foundation™ edutainment programs from other organizations who focus solely on science content.


The Coral Restoration Foundation™ will provide customized registration forms for the students delivered to your school, pre-bundled for each classroom, as well as posters that can be used for promotion. CRF™ will provide a custom link for parents to register, and to collect payment for the program.


Again, there is no cost to the school, and all funds collected from parents will go directly to CRF™ efforts to restore the reefs. All participant confirmations and rosters will be shared with the school.

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Questions? We have answers!

What is the Coral Restoration Foundation™?

  • Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is the world's largest non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state, in Florida and globally. Our core mission is to restore coral reefs, to educate others on the importance of our oceans, and to use science to further coral research and coral reef monitoring techniques.

Who can participate in CRF™ After-School Program?

  • The After School Program can be adapted for all students from Grades K through 12. The program is adapted from our edutainment programs that follow Florida State & CPalm Standards.

  • Enrollment for a particular school will be tailored for only students within the school unless there are special circumstances (such as the child of a teacher).

  • CRF™ attempts to group students by class and age range as much as possible.

What will the participants learn about?

  • The Coral Restoration Foundation™ STEAM edutainment programs combine elements of Project-Based, Team-Based, and Problem-Based Curriculum to deliver a hopeful message about taking personal responsibility to protect our reefs.

  • Topics range from coral anatomy, restoration techniques, reef taxonomy, and conservation.

  • New topics are also being created by our restoration practitioners.

How often and for how long does the CRF™ After School Club meet?

  • Usually, the Coral Restoration Foundation™ After School Club meets one day a week, for five weeks, for one hour after school ends.

  • After school programs can be adjusted from four weeks up to 10 weeks, based on the needs and availability of the school.

  • Coral Restoration Foundation™ will work with the school to schedule around holidays and early releases.

Who are the instructors of the after-school program?

  • The instructors will be actual coral restoration practitioners, who spend a majority of their time diving and restoring the Florida reef tract! These post-graduate team members come from a range of backgrounds and are the world’s leading experts on coral restoration and conservation

What are the costs of the after-school program?

  • The typical cost for a standard -week course is $72 per student, all-inclusive.

  • The price may increase depending on the school's distance from our base in the Upper Florida Keys.

  • There is never a cancellation or registration free, nor is there a deposit necessary.

  • Payment is due one week after registration, and CRF accepts checks by mail.

  • All funds go directly to the CRF™ mission of restoring the Florida Reef Tract.

  • There is no cost to the school or sponsoring location.

How much lead time is needed to set up a CRF™ After School Club?

  • A minimum of four weeks is required to set up an after-school program, but the earlier the better.

  • The typical schedule is:

    • One month out, the school and CRF™ finalize the details of the club. During this week, CRF™ will create flyers for the students to take home, as well as an online registration portal for the school.

    • Three weeks out, Captain Coral will conduct a free, whole school assembly (or two if space is limited!) to get the students excited about the after-school program. Prior to Captain Coral's arrival, all take-home materials will be delivered to the school. The flyers will go home with the students on the same day as the assembly.

    • One week prior to the club, registration will be closed, and a roster of the participating students will be sent to the school.

When should we schedule the club?

  • After School Clubs usually start 15 minutes after the end of the school day. This allows the teacher time to collect their things and the CRF™ restoration practitioner time to set up for the club.

  • Coral Restoration Foundation™ can hold the club on any day of the week, or multiple days per week to better fit the schedule of the school.

How many students will sign up?

  • We have found a good rule of thumb is to expect between 5% - 10% enrollment from the student body, and to be prepared for more.

  • This level of engagement can be increased or decreased based on a variety of factors, including the season, parent resources, distribution of take-home information, attendance at the Captain Coral show, etc.

How do students register for the After School Club?

  • Students will register through our website at a designated link that will be given to the parents with the take-home material, or by phone, or through email.

  • The school is not responsible for handling any part of the registration.

Do you have a maximum or minimum number of students?

  • For a program to run, we need a minimum of 10 students to sign up.

  • We cap class sizes at a 20:1 student to instructor ratio, and attempt to be lower than that where possible.  

  • Any school that has two instructors will also have a site supervisor, who will float between rooms to help when necessary.

  • A program may run, even if the minimum class size isn’t met, under the discretion of the Coral Restoration Foundation™.

What is your refund policy and cancelled classes?

  • A full refund will be made to parents who withdraw their child prior to the second week of the program and inform The Coral Restoration Foundation by email or letter. This allows students to experience our program the first week and, if in the rare case they are not enjoying it, receive a full refund.

  • If a club day is cancelled due to inclement weather, then the class will be made up following the week after the club ends.

What does the Coral Restoration Foundation™ need from the school to start the club?

  • The Coral Restoration Foundation™ needs a contact from the school to help set up the dates of the club and the Captain Coral show.

  • We also need a classroom (or multiple classrooms depending on the number of students who sign up) in which to hold the club.

  • We recommend a 3rd grade or older classroom so that all students will be able to sit at the desks and tables.

  • The instructor will need a table to set up on, access to water, electricity, and the ability to darken the room.

  • It is extremely important that the teacher is comfortable with the relationship and allowing CRF™ to use their room. Because of this, the goal is that the instructor will leave the classroom in the same or better condition than when the teacher left it.

Do you have a question that we didn't answer? Send us an email!

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