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Our Coral Conservation and Reef Restoration Internship introduces individuals to the nonprofit sector of marine conservation, focusing on the restoration of coral reef ecosystems.

  • Internships last 4 months and are full-time volunteer positions.

  • Interns gain a vast amount of experience through participation in our community engagement programs, daily operations, and fieldwork.

  • During their first semester, each intern will be mentored while they undertake a personal intern project.

  • Interns who wish to progress further have the chance to be considered for positions as Lead Interns during a second semester, and then Program Interns during a third semester.

  • Interns will be provided with a small educational stipend to offset living costs.


Summer 2021

Application Period:

Jan 18th, 2021 - Feb 26th, 2021

Notification of Acceptance:

March 22nd, 2021


May 10th, 2021


August 27th, 2021

FALL 2021

Application Period:

May 24th, 2021 - June 28th, 2021

Notification of Acceptance:

July 19th, 2021


September 6th, 2021


December 18th, 2021


Application Period:

Sept 20th, 2021 - Oct 22nd, 2021

Notification of Acceptance:

November 15th, 2021


January 3rd, 2022


April 30th, 2022

Summer 2022

Application Period:

Jan 17th, 2021 - Feb 25th, 2022

Notification of Acceptance:

March 21st, 2022


May 9th, 2022


August 27th, 2022


Age & Academic Status


Applicant must be 21+ years of age or older.


Applicant should be enrolled in an undergraduate program having completed at least two years of study at an accredited college or university,  be in enrolled in a graduate program, or be a  recent graduate from a  college or university.


Preference will be given to students who have studied or are studying marine science, specifically coral reefs.


Applicant should have at least 30 dives; 15 of which must be ocean dives and 5 from a boat. Applicant must have at least one logged dive within a year of the start date of the internship. 


Preference will be given to those with Advanced Open Water dive certification and higher, those with boat diving experience, and those with ocean diving experience.


All dive gear (excluding tanks) must be provided by the intern. This means: BCD, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, dive computer, wetsuit, weights, and gloves.


Upon selection, candidates will be required to provide a dive physical, dive certifications, and log-books as well as proof of active dive insurance, active CPR/First Aid certification, active Oxygen Administration certification, and proof of regulator purchase/servicing.

All selected candidates' dive status is pending the approval of their dive physical by our DSO and Dive Safety Board.

Other requirements


Housing and reliable vehicular transportation must be provided by the intern. Applicants should keep in mind the cost of living in the Florida Keys can be between $800 and $1,200 monthly. Rent will be less expensive if intern teams share living spaces.

Applicant must be physically fit and able to work on the water and in the sun for long periods of time (eight hours a day several days in a row).

Coral Restoration Foundation reserves the right to accept or deny any applications regardless of minimum requirements met.


Our current interns join us from around the country, each with unique academic backgrounds and ambitions.

Bailey Thomasson


Bailey grew up on a lake in North Carolina, and has felt connected to the water for as long as she can remember. When she was 10 years old, she got SCUBA certified and started taking annual diving trips to Florida where she saw first-hand the decline of coral reefs in the Keys. Knowing that she wanted to make a career in marine conservation, she joined an Operation Wallacea expedition to Greece where she learned field work skills.


Bailey graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2019 with a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Marine Science. During her four years there, she worked as a research assistant investigating how the calcium carbonate skeleton of corals are affected by ocean warming and acidification. Most recently, she worked as a summer camp educator at the Discovery Place Nature Museum in North Carolina where she taught students about the natural environment and how to protect it. Bailey is so excited for the opportunity to work with Coral Restoration Foundation™ towards its mission of restoring coral reefs


Our interns have gone on to do some amazing things! Where are they now?

  • Callie


    CRF Intern Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019

    Current Position: Coral Nursery Technician

    After completing her internship with CRF™, Callie switched oceans to work with corals in Hawai'i. She applies skills she learned at CRF with the State of Hawai'i Department of Labor and Natural Resources Division of Aquatic Resources, where she grows species of Hawaiian corals for mitigation-based restoration as part of the Coral Restoration Nursery team. To protect rare, uncommon, and endemic species of Hawaiian corals, she also contributes to the Hawaiian Coral Ark. Because of her time at CRF, Callie was able to refine her interests to find a position that combines a cause she believes in with work she genuinely loves.

  • Tony ​


    CRF Intern Spring 2014

    Current Position: Owner of Forever Young Charter Company

    Tony is licensed as a USCG captain, PADI elite dive instructor, EFR instructor, and holds multiple specialty instructor ratings. You’ll find Captain Tony accompanying guests on every charter. Forever Young Charter Co. is an owner-operated business.


  • Kristin


    CRF Intern Spring 2015

    Current Position: Marine Technician 2

    Kristin is a marine technician at Oregon State University. She works mostly offshore on UNOLS oceanographic research vessels supporting scientists. She acts as a liaison between scientists and crew, working with the chief scientist and captain to complete the research mission. She also runs deck operations and handles onboard IT.  

  • Megan


    CRF Intern Summer 2015

    Current Position: Support Analyst

    Megan works as an analyst for a technology company MentorCloud. She utilizes her experience in science and education to share knowledge and engage others in professional development and mentor/ mentee relationships. 

  • Maren


    CRF Intern Spring 2016

    Current Position: Coral Biologist

    Maren now works in the Maldives running a coral restoration project to help restore the reef around a resort. CRF taught her the fundamentals of restoration that led to her current position.

  • Justine ​


    CRF Intern Spring 2016

    Current Position: Biology Teacher

    Justine has recently been hired as a biology teacher on Long Island where she looks forward to inspiring and educating our future scientists. CRF and her time as an intern in the Maldives helped her gain valuable hands-on experience in restoration work, outreach and research techniques, which commonly came up throughout the interviews that led to her current teaching position. 

  • Natalia


    CRF Intern Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

    Current Position: Biological Technician 

    Natalia is working on the research and development team of the Catalina Sea Ranch, conducting research on invertebrate species. She is incredibly thankful for her time at CRF, for helping refine her dive skills and for teaching her that she could find a career in marine science outside of academia.

  • Melissa ​


    CRF Intern Summer 2018

    Current Position: Senior at College of Charleston

    Melissa is studying Marine Biology with a minor in Environmental and Sustainable studies at the College of Charleston. She thoroughly enjoyed her time with CRF, as it was truly a stepping stone to learn more about coral restoration, fieldwork, and outreach practices, and an opportunity to work alongside talented people who are truly passionate about their work. 

  • Zoe


    CRF Intern Summer 2016

    Current Position: FWC Fisheries Biologist

    Zoe works under NOAA’s and NMFS’s fisheries monitoring program within FWC’s Research Institute, collecting biological samples from fish species to better inform the state’s fishing regulations. Her time with CRF opened her eyes to the importance of collaboration between local communities, state government, and non-profits to minimize the detrimental impacts on coral reefs.    

  • Megan


    CRF Intern Spring & Summer 2018

    Current Position: Project Manager

    Megan is currently the Coral Restoration Project Manager at Velaa Private Island in the Maldives and also a Masters Candidate for an MSc in Science, Conservation and Valorization of Marine Resources through The Université Cote D’azur.



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