Carysfort Reef, ONCE one of the most famous dive sites in the world, is no longer the thriving ecosystem that it was...

But Coral Restoration Foundation™ is working to actively restore this iconic site. 


We are reintroducing more corals to Carysfort Reef than we are to any other restoration site. As a result, it is slowly becoming one of the healthiest reef sites along the Florida Reef Tract. 

We have now returned 14,669 corals to Carysfort Reef since 2015, halting and reversing its decline.


Young elkhorn corals eight months after being introduced to the wild


The same corals thriving two years later

The ecological impact we are able to make at this famous location is only possible thanks to Ocean Reef Club™.

Today, when you visit Carysfort Reef, almost every elkhorn and staghorn coral that you see is there thanks to Coral Restoration Foundation™ and Ocean Reef Club™.

Their backing has been pivotal in this vital effort. Through a five-year partnership that directly supports the restoration of Carysfort Reef, Ocean Reef Club™ has demonstrated a genuine investment in the future of this precious ecosystem. This collaboration means that Carysfort Reef will gain a total of 30,0000 corals by 2020.

By 2020, together we will have repopulated this famous site with a total of 30,000 critically-endangered corals. 


Carysfort will be the world’s first reef to experience successful, ecosystem-level recovery. This is the power of collaboration.


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