Curious About Corals? We Can Help!

From classroom visits to Skype sessions, we are excited to teach everyone about the importance of ocean conservation! Since our work is centered around coral reef restoration, we can offer educational materials about coral reef ecology, biology, and (of course) restoration. Please contact Derek Hagen, our Education Program Manager, if you are interested in obtaining any of these materials or to scheduling a field trip, classroom talk, or Skype session.
Educational Opportunities with Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Skype sessions (Between 30-45 minutes)
  • Field trips to the Education Center located in Key Largo, Florida
  • Classroom visits to elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Lecture visits for college/ university students in South Florida
  • Video for the classroom about threats to our reefs and the work being done to better our oceans here (16 minutes – available in K-8, 9-12, and Spanish) by Schoolyard Films.
Educational connections in Florida
  • Coral Restoration Foundation is proud to be included in the Florida High Tech Corridor Council stemCONNECT program. Through their website educators can request STEM related video sessions with science experts for middle and high school students in Florida.
  • See an example of the stemCONNECT talk here.
If you have questions about our materials or opportunities, please contact us!

Book a Skype Session For Your Class

From Kindergarten to University level; we love skyping in and talking coral. Please fill out this form and allow for 2-3 business days for a response.