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"Heads Up" in September 2023 with the Coral Chronicles

This month, our Education Team has been reaching the world with our mission, training teachers, inspiring the public under the full moon in Miami, and engaging young minds at Zoo Miami!

Inspiring Education: Taking Teacher Training to the Next Level

We're thrilled to announce that our Education Department recently launched a game-changing teacher development workshop called "Inspiring Instruction." Teachers from Authentic Exploration Matters joined us for the program's pilot. The day started with an insightful tour of our Tavernier Coral Tree Nursery—the world's largest in situ nursery—and Pickles Reef. We then shifted gears to the CRF™ Exploration Center, where the educators delved into the pedagogy behind our innovative "edutainment" activities. The workshop was well-attended by teachers from across Florida, and it marked the beginning of what we hope will be a series of global initiatives. Stay tuned for more!

A Night to Remember: Coral Spawning and Conservation at Vizcaya Late

As Florida's Coral Reef is battling this bleaching event, we joined forces with Vizcaya for a special evening in Miami on August 30th to raise awareness and celebrate the awe-inspiring phenomenon of coral spawning. Attendees enjoyed an assortment of interactive activities—from art-making and games to dance and music, all under the full moon’s glow on Biscayne Bay.

Visitors got a chance to test their knowledge with a trivia wheel, snap memorable photos in a simulated coral spawning backdrop, and even create glowing bandanas. For the adventurous, a coral planting relay race in the gardens offered an epic prize pack for the winning team. Guests also experienced the wonders of a real coral tree farm through state-of-the-art virtual reality, culminating in a dance party that had everyone moving to the beats of DJ Hottpants. The evening truly encapsulated the beauty of our coral reefs, and the urgency of coral conservation.

On Land but Making Waves: Education Outreach at Zoo Miami

While our work often takes us beneath the waves, our Education Team has been equally busy on dry land. They recently engaged over 150 students, ages 5 to 12, in a series of workshops at Zoo Miami. Dubbed the CRF™ Slime Olympics, this event was part of Zoo Miami's award-winning Zoo Camp series and was facilitated by our dedicated interns. What’s more, Captain Coral will be bringing his show to the Zoo’s upcoming Winter and Summer Camps.

Quick Reminder: We're not just making one-off appearances; we have a permanent spot at Zoo Miami's Conservation Action Center. You can find us there every last Sunday of the month!

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Simple but extremely addictive: Flappy Bird is a simple game but so addictive that you won't be able to put your phone down.

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7 days ago

The Coral Restoration Foundation's education initiatives are truly inspiring, reaching teachers, the public, and young minds across diverse platforms. Their focus on interactive, immersive learning experiences is commendable. While coral conservation may seem worlds away from the infamous rice purity test, both highlight the importance of nurturing curiosity and a sense of wonder in the next generation.

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Guests could spin a quiz wheel to see how much they knew, take pictures against a backdrop of coral spawning to capture unique memories, and even make their own luminous bandanas. In the gardens, daredevils might compete for a fantastic prize package by planting corals in a relay. cluster rush

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Our coral reefs are breathtaking, and the night perfectly captured that. We must act quickly to protect these delicate spacebar clicker

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