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Programs,Internships, & Fellowships

Opportunities providing financial assistance for specific programs or fellowships, funding the applicant on the basis of accepting a role for that organization or participating in a specific program. 

Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society - The Rolex Scholarship

Type: Annual, Experience-based scholarship

Number of Scholarships: 1

Annually, the Rolex scholarship is awarded to three young adults who are given the opportunity to spend up to a year traveling and experiencing activities that will help further their prospective careers in an underwater discipline. The scholarship can fund up to $25,000 per recipient. 


Opportunity for: 

  • Individuals ages 21-26

  • Residents of either North America, Europe, or Australasia 

  • Rescue-diver or equivalent certified


Dressel Divers - Free PADI Instructor Internship

Type: Internship and Apprenticeship 

Number of Internships: 1  


Dressel Divers has created a program that allows divers to become PADI Dive Instructor certified for free through working as an apprentice over the course of 6 months. The scholarship includes study materials and PADI fees, as well as daily meals and free lodging. 


Opportunities For: 

  • Current Divemasters

  • Those free of medical contradictions to diving 

  • Those fluent in English


Broadreach Inc. - Program Scholarships and Funding

Type: Annual

Number of Scholarships: 2 Full scholarships, multiple partial 


Broadreach is a foundation dedicated to helping young adults find their passion through travel and study abroad programs ranging from topics of marine biology, photography, sailing, animal medicine and more. Many of these programs are focused around diving and getting PADI scuba certified. Some scholarships are offered to help offset tuition for a few students each year. 


Opportunities for: 

  • Middle School - College students 

  • Broadreach program participants 


SCUBAnauts International - Scholarship Program

Type: Singular

Number of Scholarships: 1


SCUBAnauts Int. is a 3-chaptered Florida-based group whose goal is to expose young explorers to the marine environment through scuba and travel. They are looking to fund one budding marine scientist’s scuba certification and dive gear, as well as provide them with club membership and opportunities to assist in some scientific marine labs.


Opportunity for: 

  • Individual age 12-17


Ocean Exploration Trust - Nautilus Fellowships

Type: Annual, Fellowships

Number of Fellowships: 1-2

The Ocean Exploration Trust is a non-profit dedicated to ocean exploration through science and technology, offering fellowships for individuals studying to join the Nautilus Corps of Exploration on a multi-month sea expedition as a Science Communication fellow. 


Opportunity for: 

  • Any individual with education or biological interpreter experience

Minorities In Shark Science: Internships and Workshops

Type: Continuous 

Number of Opportunities: Varies

MISS was founded by four black female shark researchers with the goal of increasing accessibility of shark and marine science to women of color. They hold workshops for women of color over 18 years of age to get experience in the field and they occasionally list internships available through partnering organizations


Opportunities for: 

  • Women of color

  • 18 year olds + 

  • Non-US citizens

  • Shark-focused undergraduates or graduates

WHOI Summer Student Fellowship Program

Type: Annual, Fellowship 

Number of Opportunities: ~20+ annually 

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution holds Summer fellowships for undergraduate students studying science or engineering, including biology, chemistry, geology, geophysics, mathematics, meteorology, physics, oceanography, and marine policy. WHOI recruits underrepresented minorities in ocean science as defined by the National Science Foundation. Fellows receive a monthly stipend and must complete a personal project.


Opportunities for: 

  • Undergraduate students 

  • Students in STEM or Marine Studies

Many of these opportunities are offered annually! If the deadline has passed, check back to see if you can apply the following year.


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